What is SOCIUM?

It is an organization that seeks to strengthen technology platforms, forming alliances through its specialized services with companies and organizations that seek the same goal: to ensure an increasingly secure and resilient Internet, aligned with the highest standards of security and quality in the world through its specialized services with companies and resilient, aligned with the highest standards of security and quality in the world.



Strengthen through the creation of capabilities and services the security of the different platforms and technological systems used by all our partners, in order to strengthen their businesses and collaborate with a more secure, stable and resilient Internet, according to best practices.


To be an organization that collaborates in solving in a fast and effective way the needs of our allies at national and international level, who use technological components in the development of their activities and therefore require an increasingly protected and secure Internet.


  • Collaboration: We support and serve all our partners in the continued growth of their businesses.
  • Confidence: We provide the security to achieve all the goals we set together with our partners.
  • Security: We provide solutions that meet the needs of our customers.
  • Perseverance: We work with firmness and constancy in the search for solutions to obtain concrete and satisfactory results.
  • Respect: We recognize the individual and joint value of all our allies, as well as their rights and duties.
  • Transparency: We work openly and clearly in all areas required to achieve our objectives.
  • Continuous improvement: With the maximum continuous effort, we grow in knowledge and skills to provide the highest quality to our partners.
  • Professional Competence: We constantly develop our team to provide the best service based on international best practices.