IPv6 Implementation Services

The objective of this service is to provide advice and guidance to the different entities for the adoption of the IPv6 protocol.

IPv6 Implementation Services

At SOCIUM we divide the IPv6 implementation process into the following phases:

1. IPv6 consulting service:

It consists of the accompaniment and advice by specialized personnel for the implementation of best practices for the adoption of IPv6. The consultant will be in charge of training the entity's network operation group on topics related to the characteristics, operation and implementation of the protocol, in addition to guiding them in the construction of the project documentation from planning to the last follow-up and monitoring phase.

2. IPv6 training:

Specialized training in topics for the adoption of the IPv6 protocol:


  • Introduce the types of basic concepts of IPv6.
  • Know the migration mechanisms towards IPv6.
  • Know the IPv6 routing protocols.
  • Plan the implementation of IPv6.
  • Know the security threats, as well as the recommendations.

Topics to talk about:

  • MODULE 1: Introduction to IPv6
  • MODULE 2: Addressing
  • MODULE 3: Planning and Infrastructure
  • MODULE 4: Services and Management

Duration: 12, 18 and 24 hours

3. IPv6 Protocol Implementation Service:

In this service, SOCIUM will have a team of experts who will be in charge of executing the activities of the 3 phases to achieve the implementation of the protocol, among the activities are:

  • Train the IT staff of the institution in the concepts and tools necessary for the implementation of IPv6.
  • Make a diagnosis of the entity's infrastructure: applications, services, security and network topology, in order to validate its support and correct operation with the IPv6 protocol.
  • Build the IPv6 implementation plan for the entity.
  • Carry out the implementation of the IPv6 addressing plan for the entity taking into account the results obtained in the diagnosis and implementation plan.
  • Carry out the socialization of results in the IT team of the institution.