IXP Services

Support in the creation of secure Traffic Exchange Points at an international level and application of best practices and state-of-the-art technology.

IXP Services
  • Services of design and configuration of the infrastructure of exchange of traffic, monitoring and statistics.
  • Accompaniment in the selection of the governance model and strategic objectives.
  • Installation of IXPDB compatible systems for greater international visibility.
  • RPKI protocol deployment.
  • Creation of processes for key tasks.
  • Training of technical personnel.
  • Accompaniment in interconnection processes with IXPs at a local and international level.
  • Advice and implementation services for the use of own Internet resources (IPs, ASNs).
  • Advice to achieve MANRS best practices for IXPs and operators.
  • RPKI implementation.
  • Routing optimization through traffic engineering.
  • Other services.